Empowering Churches

To join one another in advancing the Kingdom of God

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People connect through relationships. At the Ridge Association we seek to network pastors to pastors, laymen to laymen, churches to churches, churches to the community, the association to the state convention and SBC, missional Christians to the world, and all to Jesus.

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People grow as they learn from one another. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens one another.” We need each other for this “sharpening” process. The Ridge Baptist Association seeks to provide learning environments where pastors and laymen can sharpen their gifts, talents, and callings for the glory of God.

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We believe our association must take responsibility for the spiritual climate of eastern Polk County. Therefore, we must connect with people who need the love of Jesus. Missional Christians find ways to connect to their communities and serve others in Jesus’ name. The association seeks to help and encourage churches to serve others.

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No one church can reach eastern Polk County alone. It will take the cooperative effort of all of our churches working as a team in harmony with the Spirit of God in order to see lasting change. Our mission-minded churches are committed to minister with one another to share the love of Jesus with individuals and families here and around the world.